A Short History of Thompson Wheelahan & Hampshire

Located in Grafton on the North Coast of New South Wales, Thompson Wheelahan & Hampshire, Solicitors and Conveyancers has been one of the major law firms servicing the North and Far North Coast since it was first established in 1926 by D.W. McPherson.

After commencing practice in Grafton as a sole practitioner, in 1956 "D.W." as he was affectionately known commenced partnership in a group practice and continued actively in the firm until his death in 1974.

The firm's current principal, Chris Wheelahan, has been in practice as a solicitor since 1982.

Much of the success of Thompson Wheelahan & Hampshire is due to the values which drive our firm: integrity, enduring relationships, and excellence.

When we say that our firm values integrity and trust, we are talking about being honest, constructive, fair and ethical.

The most important value of our firm is our desire to ensure that the services we provide to our clients are excellent because our clients are our most important asset.

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